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Lymphatics for the Massage Therapist

WHY The lymphatic system is a very unrecognized important body system that will be moving to the forefront of healthcare in the coming years. With the recent “discovery” of lymphatic vessels in the brain, and the interest in reducing inflammation to combat autoimmune disorders, cancer, and other diseases, a whole new treatment modality is on the horizon and massage therapists can be at the forefront.

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You will learn

  • Brief history of the discovery of the lymphatic system and lymphatic healing techniques
  • How Lymphatic health effects the immune system
  • Lymphatic Anatomy and flow patterns
  • The differences between Lymphedema, Lipedema, and other edemas
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
  • Contraindications to MLD
  • MLD for detox,pre-surgical/post surgical
  • Types of lymphedema and stages of lymphedema
  • What (CDT) Complete Decongestive Therapy is and how it is used to treat lymphedema
  • How to map the body for MLD for lymphedema
  • Precautions to prevent lymphedema
  • How to educate your clients
  • The basics of the use of compression garments and bandaging to aid lymphedema
  • Decongestive exercises
  • Incorporating lymphatics into your massage practice

In this three day class, participants will learn the basics of the lymphatic system, its involvement in reducing inflammation to assist the immune system to fight autoimmune diseases, support brain health and reduce the incidence of other chronic diseases such as cancer. The participants will also learn the basics of Complete Decongestive Therapy to support lymphedema clients, how to evaluate a lymphatic patient, when it is appropriate to see them and when they should be encouraged to seek more advanced care. The participant will able to perform Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) for detoxification and well as the appropriate patterns to assist lymphatic drainage. Discussion on how to incorporate lymphatics into the massage business is also covered. 14 CEU

Course Fee $280

Supplies for class

This class has a hands-on lab portion. Please plan on dressing comfortably with the ability to dress minimally (2 piece bathing suit or minimal athletic clothing). Please bring two sheets and a pillow case, pillow and bolster optional. Eucerine lotion will be the medium of choice, bring your own or it will be available for purchase. Bring your own massage table or tables may be available for rent with advance notice.

Course Outline

Day 1

Brief History of the discovery of CDT

Lymphatics and immune health

                Brain, autoimmune and cancer

                Chronic inflammation

Overview of the Lymphatic system

                Anatomy of the lymphatic system

                Lymphatic fluid

                Differences in lymphedema, lipedema, and basic edema

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)





                MLD strokes and techniques

                                Upper extremity (LAB)

                                Lower extremity (LAB)

Day 2

The Lymphatic system and Lymphedema

Types and stages

                                Primary lymphedema

                                                Congenital abnormalities

                                Secondary lymphedema



                                                Venous complications

                                Stages of lymphedema

                Prevention and precautions

CDT (Complete Decongestive Therapy)

                Skin care

                MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage)

                                Upper extremity mapping (Lab)

                                Lower extremity mapping (Lab)




                                Compression pumps


Client education

Lymphedema and your Massage Practice

Putting it all together